Prosecutor General: Russia has created and is already using software to suppress crimes involving cryptocurrencies

by alex

It allows you to reveal the entire scheme of operations

At the sixth meeting of the heads of prosecutorial services of the BRICS countries, Prosecutor General of Russia Igor Krasnov spoke about special software created in Russia, which is designed to prevent the use of cryptocurrencies and other virtual assets for criminal purposes. 

Krasnov reported:

No less worrying is the increase in the number of crimes related to the criminal trafficking of cryptocurrencies and other virtual assets. To suppress them, special software has been developed in our country. 

Such software is already used for  financial monitoring, as well as for the investigation of criminal cases. According to the Prosecutor General, this “allows us to successfully disclose the entire scheme of operations and the chain of users involved in the process.” Krasnov explained:

This also applies to the problem of cross-border movement of assets. 

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