PlayStation VR 2 owners flooded Sony's official blog with criticism. Disappointment after State of Play

by alex

PlayStation VR 2 owners are not thrilled with State of Play 2024, despite showings of Behemoth and Alien: Rogue Incursion from Skydance.

The discontent of PS VR 2 owners spilled out on the official PlayStation Blog under the announcement of Astro Bot. Of the 340 comments, almost all are dedicated to criticizing the lack of PS VR 2 support in Astro Bot.

PS VR 2 fans have long asked for at least confirmation that Astro Bot may receive VR headset support as a post-release update. But Sony did not provide such information. The huge criticism under the official post of Astro Bot is due to the fact that Sony ignored PS VR 2, as well as the fact that Astro Bot Rescue Mission was popular among owners of the first PlayStation VR, and that the new Astro Bot will not have a mode for PS VR 2.

Poor gamers on the official PlayStation Blog write:

“I really don't believe there is any sign of PS VR 2 support at the moment, I might as well sell my PS5 and PS VR 2 and buy a PC ! If there is no support at all, or no sign of Astro in VR coming to Playstation again, I will be moving to Meta*!”

“At this point, Sony has de facto abandoned the PS VR2. It’s insulting to see ZERO support for a $600 headset from the company’s internal teams “.

“This is one of the most disappointing news for psvr2 users. A game that everyone has been screaming they want and that seems incredibly easy to adapt to VR, and Sony is completely avoiding the topic. Get ready for the fact that there will be no negative information constantly appearing in the press about Sony abandoning its headset. Shame on Sony. This is truly the disappointment of the year.”


* – recognized as an extremist and terrorist organization in Russia


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