Parks and streets with 3D trees appeared on Yandex Maps

by alex

This will make it easier to choose a “greener” place to walk or buy an apartment

In «Yandex Maps» realistic green areas appeared: the service added more than 4 million 3D tree models to the map. Now such zones are on the map of Moscow within the Moscow Ring Road and St. Petersburg, including Peterhof: in total in 2000 parks and squares, as well as in courtyards and on the streets of both cities. According to the creators of the service, this will help users choose a place for a walk or evaluate the area when buying an apartment.

«Green» parks, squares and streets «Yandex Maps» The neural network helps: it determines the characteristics and coordinates of trees from satellite images, and then places 3D models of coniferous or deciduous trees of the required height and with a suitable crown size. The neural network thins out arrays that are too dense so as not to overload the application and interfere with navigation. 21 thousand coniferous and about 4 million deciduous trees have already appeared on the map.

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