Nintendo Switch 2 could have been released a long time ago, since its platform has been ready for a long time. Details and estimated price have become known

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SoC will not be the most modern

The Nintendo Switch 2 game console, according to recent data, will be released in March next year. And today numerous details about its parameters and even the price have appeared on the Internet. 

It’s worth starting with the fact that sources from Moore’s Law Is Dead insider at Nvidia say that Nintendo could actually release a new console quite a long time ago, since the single-chip system has been ready for a long time. The company was simply in no hurry, since the current Switch console is still very popular. Let us remind you that, given the timing of the launch of Switch 2, the current console has every chance of becoming the best-selling console in history. 

Due to the fact that the SoC for Switch 2 has been ready for a long time, past leaks about its parameters were largely correct from the beginning. If we summarize them and add new data, then it seems that we are talking about an Nvidia platform with eight Cortex-A78C processor cores and a GPU based on the Ampere architecture with 1536 CUDA cores. True, the graphics core will receive some blocks from the more recent Ada Lovelace architecture, and even, according to recent rumors, support for DLSS 3, which would be very useful for a pocket console. 

The Nintendo Switch 2 console will not be a revolution, but it will become more expensive than its predecessor. Nintendo games will also become more expensive

In addition to this, the set-top box will be equipped with at least 8 GB of LPDDR5 RAM, and the SoC will be produced using Samsung's 8 nm process technology, which is the cheapest in this segment. 

The parameters and technical process confirm the information that the platform has been ready for a very long time, and this is not very good news, considering that the console will be released in 2025, when the next generation of Nvidia GPUs will be on the market. However, the current Switch at the time of its release was a much more outdated device, which did not prevent it from gaining incredible popularity. 

It is also reported that Switch 2 could well have acquired the AMD platform, but the company lost in this matter in a confrontation with Nvidia.  

As for the price, most likely, we are talking about the range of 400–500 dollars, but here it is worth remembering that the original Switch at the time of launch was priced at only 300 dollars, which clearly played a role in the popularity of the console . 

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