Volvo cars have learned to warn the driver about accidents ahead

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Real-time alerts while available in Europe

Volvo has launched what it claims is the industry's first real-time accident warning technology, Accident Ahead Alert. Data from traffic control centers and information from other compatible Volvo vehicles will be used to alert drivers. The feature will first appear in select Volvo models in Europe, starting in Denmark. Accident Ahead Alert technology will be able to warn the driver of a traffic accident ahead at a distance of up to several hundred meters.

You are driving along a winding country road, visibility is poor. Suddenly your Volvo warns you that there is an accident ahead. As you calmly slow down and take the next corner, you see a wrecked car in your lane. Thanks to the warning, you were prepared and were able to react in time.

Volvo press service

Автомобили Volvo научились предупреждать водителя об авариях впереди

The real-time Accident Ahead Alert feature is currently available in Denmark on all Volvo 90, 60 and 40 series models from 2016 onwards. It will soon be available on the same Volvo car models and in other European markets.

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