Russian services based on space imagery will be supplied to Latin America

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Terra Tech of Roscosmos entered into an agreement with the Brazilian company Shamal Space

Company «Terra Tech» (part of Roscosmos) and the Brazilian company Shamal Space have agreed to promote Earth remote sensing (ERS) products and services in Latin American markets. At «Terra Tech» note that geoservices developed for the Russian market are competitive on the world market and are in demand by foreign customers. Russian products offer a decent level of automation and processing of space images.

The Russian company, together with a Brazilian partner, adapts products to the needs of Latin American customers. Shamal Space will act as the exclusive distributor of analytical services «Terra Tech» in Latin America. In particular, foreign clients will be offered the Pixel.AI platform, which is designed for automatic collection and analysis of space images. The modular architecture of the platform allows you to assemble various automatic solutions from ready-made blocks for a specific task.

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Now the platform’s products are customized for agricultural tasks and can be used to inventory land, determine the dynamics of crop development and the risk of crop loss. The Russian company has already presented practical examples of using the Pixel.AI platform to analyze the condition of pastures and calculate risks for agricultural companies.

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