NASA canceled astronauts' spacewalk on the ISS due to “inconvenience in the spacesuit”

by alex

The cancellation occurred approximately an hour before the two astronauts were scheduled to exit the Quest airlock

The American Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has canceled the spacewalk scheduled for International Space Station Expedition 71 crew members Tracy Dyson and Matt Dominic  on Thursday 13 June 2024. 

The cancellation was announced approximately an hour before the planned moment of launch into space. NASA had already started a live broadcast of the event when this announcement was made. 

As noted in the NASA blog, the spacewalk did not go as scheduled due to a problem with “discomfort in the spacesuit.” Details have not yet been provided, including which of the astronauts had problems.  

In the NASA live broadcast, Tracy Dyson and Matt Dominic were seen to be assisted by Sunita Williams, who recently arrived at the ISS aboard the Boeing Starliner spacecraft. 

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