The “Gosuslugi” website will feature a “My SIM cards” section

by alex

There you can see all SIM cards issued for your passport and disable unused ones

In accordance with the bill submitted to the State Duma today, June 13, 2024, on the portal «State Services» The «My SIM cards» section will appear. One of the authors of the initiative spoke about this: Deputy Head of the Duma Committee on Information Policy Anton Gorelkin. 

As Gorelkin noted, in the «My SIM cards» All telephone numbers registered to the user’s passport data will be indicated. He explained:

Given the numerous cases of fraud involving the registration of SIM cards using forged documents, we consider it necessary to give Russians the opportunity not only to have complete information about the telephone numbers registered in their passports, but also to stop servicing unused numbers directly from their account & ;laquo;State services».

In addition, special requirements are introduced for foreigners who use the services of Russian cellular operators. They will no longer be able to enter into an agreement via the Internet: only in communication shops and points of sale, using the Unified Biometric System. No more than ten license plates can be issued for one foreign citizen. In addition, the contract will specify a strict binding to IMEI, so that it will be impossible to move the SIM card to another device.

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