14-inch 2.8K 120Hz screen and Core i5-13500H for $585. RedmiBook 14 2024 presented

by alex

Weight – only 1.37 kg

Today Redmi officially introduced the RedmiBook 14 2024 laptop. As the name suggests, it has a 14-inch display – the screen resolution is 2.8K, the frame rate is 120 Hz.

14-дюймовый экран 2,8К 120 Гц и Core i5-13500H за 585 долларов. Представлен RedmiBook 14 2024

RedmiBook 14 2024 is a thin and light model: thickness – 15.9 inches, weight – 1.37 kg. The device is made in an all-metal case and is equipped with reinforced hinges.

There are two configurations, and they differ only in the size of the SSD: the version with a 512 GB SSD is priced at $585, the version with a 1 TB SSD is slightly more expensive – $630. The amount of RAM in all cases is 16 GB, the processor is Core i5-13500H.

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