Motorcyclists are breaking records for insurance payments: they receive more than car owners

by alex

Compensations reached 259 thousand rubles

The Bank of Russia for the first time publishes in-depth statistics on compulsory motor liability insurance for motorcycles: in 2023, the average insurance payment under a compulsory motor liability insurance policy for motorcycles and motor vehicles was a record 93.6 thousand rubles. This is 6% more than the same figure for conventional passenger cars.

The reason for such high payments is the more severe consequences of accidents involving motorcyclists. Compensation for damage to health and life on average reached 259 thousand rubles – 29% more than for conventional cars. Such serious damage is explained by the lack of a rigid body to protect motorcyclists.

Despite the high risks, the cost of an MTPL policy for motorcycles in 2023 was very moderate – an average of 2.2 thousand rubles, which is 3.3 times cheaper than for cars. However, motorcyclists are reluctant to purchase this insurance – only every sixth officially registered motorcycle was insured under OSAGO.

You can now attach a payment sticker to your VTB account for your loved ones

The largest number of MTPL contracts for motorcycles last year were issued in Moscow, the Moscow region and St. Petersburg – these three regions accounted for a third of the total Russian number of policies.

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