Mobile Dark and Darker differs from the PC version: no PvP, mercenaries and pets

by alex

Dark and Darker has become one of the brightest analogues of Escape from Tarkov. The game will also develop the mobile format, but with some nuances Krafton

In Dark and Darker, the authors successfully combined the ideas of Escape from Tarkov (a shooter with loot collection and evacuation) and a dark fantasy setting. The project was noticed by the South Korean Krafton and now a mobile version of the game is being prepared.

However, Dark and Darker Mobile will not be a direct port of the PC version; certain changes are expected in the mobile game. Krafton released a press release on the project – outlined the features of this version.

It turns out that in Dark and Darker Mobile players will be given a choice: they can opt out of PvP (player versus player) in favor of Player vs. environment (PvE), i.e. The competitive element associated with “live” players is removed from the game, and only a hostile environment and local monsters will remain.

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Also in Dark and Darker Mobile, the “Sidekick” system is expected: it will be possible to hire AI-controlled companions who will help in dungeon crawls. Judging by the description, these AI partners can be upgraded. Also mentioned is the pet system, which will allow you to get various boosts before entering the dungeon.

An endgame is also provided: these are some high-level dungeons with unique rewards; such activities will be a challenge even for well-prepared players.

The release of Dark and Darker Mobile is expected in 2024, the exact release date is in question.


Mobile Dark and Darker differs from the PC version: no PvP, mercenaries and pets

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