“Made on iPad.” Nike has released unique sneakers for Tim Cook

by alex

The model will not be available for sale

Yesterday Tim Cook talked about all the innovations in the iPad line, while some noticed that he was wearing custom sneakers made to order.

This is a special version of the Nike Air Max 1 '86 sneakers, which were created for the presentation of the updated iPad Pro with the M4 chip and the new Apple Pencil Pro.

Nike said that the shoe design was created on Apple tablets specifically for the presentation on May 7th. The tongue has the inscription Made on iPad.

«Сделано на iPad». Nike выпустила уникальные кроссовки для Тима Кука

Unfortunately, the sneakers were released in a single copy; they are not planned to be put into circulation.

Now, if only AMD or Intel could provide such an increase. Chinese Zhaoxin KX-7000 processor is more than twice as fast as its predecessor

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