“New customers are buying Kia like never before,” the company reports record sales and begins deliveries of the Kia EV9 in the United States

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Indicators are growing rapidly

Kia America reported 58,338 U.S. vehicle sales in November, up 2.9% from a year ago. This is also record sales for November. The company has sold 722,176 vehicles this year (up 14% on last year), setting a new annual record, with one month left in 2023.

Eric Watson, vice president of sales for Kia America, noted that Kia sales are currently growing: “Demand for Kia vehicles continues to be at an all-time high, and the fact that we broke our previous annual sales record in less than 11 months. demonstrates the strength of the Kia brand. New customers are buying Kia like never before, and our retailers are selling more vehicles than ever.”

«Новые клиенты покупают Kia, как никогда раньше», — компания сообщила о рекордных продажах и начала поставки Kia EV9 в США

Even more interesting things are happening in the all-electric segment: Kia has begun delivering the all-new three-row Kia EV9 SUV to customers. Kia noted that the EV9 reservation program has received deposits from customers in each of the 50 US states.

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Meanwhile, Kia EV6 sales more than doubled year-on-year to 1,290 units (up 101%), accounting for about 2.2% of the brand's total.

Kia says total sales of all-electric vehicles are up 120% compared to last year. In the case of the Kia Niro EV, sales for October almost reached 10,000 units (up 37% year-on-year). For the 12 months of 2022, Kia sold 20,498 EV6s and a further 8,209 Niro EVs in the US, for a total of more than 28,700 units.

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