Luna 25 crashed into the surface of the Earth's satellite at an angle of 45 degrees

by alex

The maximum speed upon impact was 1.7 km/s

Scientists have found out additional details about the crash of the Luna-25 automatic station. The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation spoke about this. 

As scientists were able to find out using mathematical modeling, the station flew into the Moon at an angle of 45 degrees. The message says:  

The photo shows that the new crater is located on the inner slope of a larger crater with a diameter of about 40 km. According to NPO im. S.A. Lavochkin, landing block «Luna-25» had a mass of 1605 kg when filled. Before the impact, the device used up some of its fuel, and, according to expert estimates, its mass decreased to 600–1000 kg. 

Scientists also noted that the maximum speed upon impact was 1.7 km/s. 

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Recall that the launch of «Luna-25» took place on August 11 from Vostochny. On August 20, Roscosmos reported that the station had ceased to exist.

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