Changing your profile without a PIN code: you can now enter the Kion online cinema using biometrics

by alex

Previously, logging into your account was only available using a PIN code

The Kion team, part of the MTS ecosystem, announced a useful update to the online cinema. Android and iOS mobile app users can now log into their profile using Face ID and Touch ID fingerprint recognition.

As a result, users can switch between profiles without having to manually enter a PIN. If the device does not recognize the user’s face or fingerprint, you can also enter the profile using a PIN code. 

Kion Product and Technology Development Director Alexey Arefiev explained:

Logging into your profile using biometrics makes viewing content safer, especially for children — Access to content will be possible in accordance with the age of the user. It also allows you to log into your profile faster and easier. 

Login using Touch ID or Face ID is implemented based on solutions from Google and Apple. Kion does not collect or share user biometric data with third party services.

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