KamAZ continues to localize K5 trucks. The cabin, inherited from the Mercedes-Benz Actros MP4, will be 100% localized

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Within the framework of the project “Localization of stamped parts for the K5 cabin. Phase 2″ there will be new metal cutting lines and a robotic welding cell

At the end of 2023, the head of Rostec, Sergei Chemezov, said that this year the flagship KamAZ K5 truck will be 100% import-substituted. This applies to various units and components, including the cabin. The localization project for stamping cabins for K5 is being implemented by the KamAZ press-frame plant (PRZ), and this year production will be replenished with new lines.

КамАЗ продолжает локализацию грузовиков К5. Кабина, доставшаяся от Mercedes-Benz Actros MP4, будет локализована на 100%

These include lines for longitudinal cutting of metal rolls and transverse cutting of sheet blanks – both of them will be launched before the end of 2024. A robotic welding cell will allow you to increase productivity and improve quality: its tests have already been carried out by the supplier, and in the near future it will arrive at the plant. These measures, in combination with others, will ultimately make it possible to localize the frame of the cabin that was «inherited» from Mercedes-Benz Actros MP4, 100%.

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