It's time to say goodbye to the cult brand Sony Xperia? The company may abandon it next year

by alex

Probably to change something dramatically

Things in the smartphone market for Sony have not been going very well for a long time, but the manufacturer stubbornly sticks to its line. Perhaps in the near future Sony will decide to make drastic changes and abandon the Xperia brand. 

Пора прощаться с культовым брендом Sony Xperia? Компания может отказаться от него уже в следующем году

A Zackbuks insider first wrote about this a couple of weeks ago, saying that the company’s next flagship may not have the Xperia brand in its name. Now the same insider wrote a short message:  

2008-2023  I Xperia the best! 

This message itself is not very clear, but if we compare it with the previous one, we can assume that the author is saying that the Xperia brand will end its existence this year. What will change with the departure of the iconic brand is still anyone's guess, but given the conservatism of Sony's mobile division, it is quite possible that the abandonment of the brand is associated with global changes in the approach to this business. 

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The Zackbuks insider often shares details about upcoming Sony Xperia smartphones, including the specifications of the Sony Xperia 1 III, and then posted photos taken with the Sony Xperia 1 III.   

There is also evidence that in 2025 Sony may release a flagship smartphone with a new generation of under-screen front camera, and will be the first on the market.  

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