It was discovered that many modern Samsung smartphones have quite high levels of radiation

by alex

Especially compared to the old Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

Modern Samsung smartphones have far from the lowest radiation levels, coming as close as possible to the recommended limits. 

According to Stocklytics, a number of Samsung devices emit radiation (SAR) at body level of 1.58-1.6 W/kg, while the recommended limit is exactly 1.6 W/kg. At the same time, the Galaxy A31 exceeds this limit, showing a result of 1.68 W/kg, although these devices do not reach the level of 2 W/kg, above which manufacturers are simply prohibited from rising. 

Обнаружилось, что множество современных смартфонов Samsung имеют довольно высокие уровни излучения

What’s interesting is that, for example, the Galaxy A14, which is not on the diagram, shows lower results: 1.19 W/kg at the ear and body level, while the Galaxy A42 5G is 1.15 W /kg. 

The modern flagships of the Galaxy S24 line are also good. The Ultra model shows results of 1.06 and 1.3 W/kg. But compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ with its 0.19 W/kg at ear level, the figures still seem excessive.   

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