It may not be so profitable to assemble cars in Russia? The Russian Haval plant is working at full capacity, but half of the Haval Jolions purchased in the first quarter of 2024 were brought from China

by alex

In the case of Dargo, the share of Chinese cars exceeds 50%, and for Haval M6 this figure is 95%

More than 40% of Haval cars sold in Russia in the first quarter of this year were imported from China. On the one hand, there is nothing strange, since not all models from the Russian line are produced at the Tula plant, but on the other hand, even in the sales structure of the hit Haval Jolion, imported «Chinese» — 35% (5,477 units out of 15,570 units registered in the first quarter of 2024). How can this be, because Jolion — a key model, practically for the sake of which Russian engine assembly production was launched?

«I wonder why this is being done [increasing imports from China]: not for whether, on the one hand, it is easier to fulfill the terms of the SPIC, and on the other — reduce costs, because under certain conditions, even taking into account the current size of the recycling fee, which for cars with internal combustion engines is 300 thousand rubles, imports from China can be cheaper?», & mdash; Drom wonders.

The first flight of the SJ-100 with the domestic PD-8 engine will take place at the beginning of 2024, in 2024 they plan to assemble “about twenty” SJ-100

But Jolion — not the most representative model. For example, in the Haval Dargo sales structure, the share of Chinese cars exceeds 50% (2344 out of 4634), and the Haval M6, the assembly of which was launched in Russia at the end of last year, is 95% supplied from China (7690 cars out of 8030, sold in the first quarter, — imported from China). In the Haval F7/F7x sales structure in the first quarter there are no cars from China at all, but this may be due to a change in model generations.

In general, the share of Chinese cars imported by «Haveil Motor Rus» in the first quarter of this year, taking into account all brands, amounted to 52%. Based on how it changes throughout the year, it will be clear how profitable it is to produce cars in Russia or whether it is easier and cheaper to import them from China.

Recall that today it became known that by the end of the year the new Haval H7 and Haval H9, as well as the Tank 700, will officially appear in Russia. 

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