Informant: Shadow the Hedgehog will return to Sonic X Shadow Generations with new content

by alex

Sega plans to release Sonic X Shadow Generations, an enhanced version of the 2011 3D platformer. The game will focus on the character Shadow the Hedgehog and introduce a new campaign.

Initially it was believed that Sonic X Shadow Generations was just a remaster of Sonic Generations, but according to a leak from an informant, they will not only allow you to play as Shadow, but there will also be a new storyline and levels. This is not just an addition, but practically a new game in the world of Sonic.

The game was recently shown in South Korea, which indicates an imminent release. Now, thanks to a leak from tipster Midori, it is known that Sega may soon share new information about Sonic X Shadow Generations. A release date may be coming soon?

It's worth keeping an eye on upcoming events like the Xbox Games Showcase and Summer Game Fest as that's where Sega might show off the game. Sonic X Shadow Generations will be released on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC consoles.

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Cover author: Sega. Cover source: Gamingbolt

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