How long does an AvtoVAZ employee need to work at the plant so that he can buy a Lada Vesta NG?

by alex

Anti-record – 13 years

The resource decided to find out how long an AvtoVAZ employee needs to work at the enterprise so that he can buy a new Lada Vesta. The salaries of various specialists published on the official Lada website were compared with the cost of a Vesta in the simplest configuration (with an 8-valve engine) for 1.24 million rubles. The result was interesting.

Anti-record – 13 years. An archivist needs to work that much at a VAZ (the applicant is offered a salary of 23.6 thousand rubles) in order to save up for a Lada Vesta (when calculating the salary, the cost of living in the Samara region was deducted from the salary – 15.63 thousand rubles).

But a toolmaker (he was promised a salary of 90,622 thousand rubles) can purchase Vesta after working for only 1 year and 4 months. And a regional manager with a salary of 108.3 thousand rubles can afford a brand new Vesta in just a year and two months.

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