How did Japanese cars rise in price after the ban and is there a difference between the sanctioned and other models, Drom calculated

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Extended Japanese sanctions effective August 9

Japanese cars that came under sanctions after tightening restrictions in August in Russia noticeably increased in price, but the same thing happened with cars that were not subject to sanctions, as reported by the automobile portal «Drom» .

«Over six months, the cost of Japanese used cars that were not included in the list of prohibited imports into Russia increased by 21%: from 580,000 rubles in June to 703,000 rubles in November 2023. Both used and non-used cars in Russia increased in price by 21%. told in «Drom».

Prices for cars prohibited for delivery to Russia have increased in different ways. Used cars went up in price by 20%: from 1,474,000 rubles to 1,771,000 rubles, and new cars increased by 27%: from 1,742,000 to 2,205,000 rubles.

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«It is interesting that the cost of „passes“ and sanctioned used cars increased almost equally», — noted Tatyana Makeeva, analyst «Droma».

The number of unique Japanese models offered in Russia remained the same, but the number of current advertisements decreased by 22% compared to June.

In addition, over the past six months the share of advertisements for the sale of used Japanese cars has decreased (from 48 to 41%).

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