Happy New Year and Merry Christmas: game consoles will rise in price by 20% in Russia – price increases have already begun

by alex

Due to increased demand for the holidays and logistics problems

In Russia, prices for game consoles are expected to rise by the New Year, and some consoles have already become noticeably more expensive. This was reported by the Mash Telegram channel with reference to its own sources.

С Новым годом и Рождеством: в России на 20% подорожают игровые консоли — рост цен уже начался

According to the source, Sony PlayStation consoles have increased in price by 10-15 thousand rubles. With the release of the new PlayStation 5 Slim, the remnants of the previous model are being sold at a price of 50–60 thousand rubles, whereas previously they were offered for 45–47 thousand. At large retailers, prices already reach 70 thousand rubles. Due to increased demand for the New Year and problems with logistics, prices are expected to rise further by at least 10%.

Microsoft's Xbox with an optical drive is offered for 50-57 thousand rubles, and without a drive – 34-35 thousand. Prices are expected to rise within 2 weeks. Nintendo Switch is offered for 38 thousand, in December the price is expected to rise by 15-20%.

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