Files of many users have disappeared from Google Drive cloud storage, an investigation is underway

by alex

Google asks victims not to change anything in the storage for now

Google Drive cloud storage users are experiencing problems with files disappearing. Judging by numerous complaints online, the files have completely disappeared from Google's cloud service.

Из облачного хранилища Google Drive (Google Диск) исчезли файлы множества пользователей, проводится расследование

More precisely, users are reporting loss of access to files and the return of the folder structure to the state of May 2023.

Google is currently already investigating the situation. The company is advising affected users not to make any changes to their Google Drive for now.

As one of the first victims reported, all files created after May 2023 were missing. They are not in folders or in the trash. The folder structure is also back to what it was in May 2023. At the same time, the user claims that he did not share his files or access to his account with anyone else. The user went through several troubleshooting steps, but Google was still unable to resolve the issue at that time.

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