Father of God of War: “To compete with Microsoft, PlayStation must acquire Ubisoft”

by alex

David Jaffe, who created the first original God of War games, said that Sony should acquire Ubisoft to compete with Xbox. These words follow his positive impressions of the recent Summer Game Fest 2024 conferences.

First of all, the video game veteran praised the Xbox Games Showcase 2024 held on June 9, saying that it was an incredible event full of interesting games and announcements. Not only that, but David Yaffe said that Ubisoft Forward 2024 on June 10 was also a fantastic communications event that showcased a lot of games worth checking out.

“Wow, first Xbox, now Ubisoft! Their conference was absolutely fantastic! As much as I love Starfield, it's great to see an open world space adventure brought to modern standards [referring to Star Wars Outlaws – ed.]. And Assassin's Creed Shadows looks damn good! Hey, Playstation, here's how you can compete: open your checkbook and buy Ubisoft.”

David Jaffe then praised Star Wars Outlaws. impressed by the space setting of Massive Entertainment's new work, as well as Assassin's Creed Shadows, a new game in the series set in Japan.

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