Even Nvidia DLSS 3 can’t do this, but a $7 app can. Upscaler Lossless Scaling 2.9 can generate two intermediate frames in games at a time

by alex

Without hardware connection

Modern upscale technologies Nvidia DLSS and AMD FSR, among other things, can generate additional frames, increasing performance. Both can generate one intermediate frame at a time. But now software has appeared on the market that can generate two intermediate frames at once. Moreover, it is not tied to hardware. We're talking about Lossless Scaling 2.9. 

Lossless Scaling has been around for quite some time, but it was the 2.9 update that brought the function of generating two intermediate frames. That is, productivity increases much more. 

True, the load on the GPU increases, but, according to the developers, the delay does not increase relative to the X2 mode, when only one intermediate frame is generated. However, there is one more nuance. To ensure the best image smoothness and the lowest delays, the developers advise fixing the frame rate at 1/3 of the monitor’s frame rate. This means that on regular monitors with a frequency of 60 Hz we are talking about 20 fps, which does not make sense. 120 Hz monitors in this mode will give 40 fps, which is also not for everyone, so the higher the frame rate of the monitor, the better. 

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The app is paid, but it only costs $7. As for the system requirements, it seems that even very old video cards will do. 

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