This year we won't see any new video cards at all? Rumors say that Nvidia, AMD and Intel have postponed their new products to early 2025

by alex

Previously all cards were expected during the fall and winter of this year

All early rumors and leaks said that new generation video cards from all three market players will be released towards the end of this year. However, new data points to another possibility. There is a possibility that not a single new product will be released this year. 

Various sources say that Nvidia may not begin releasing GeForce RTX 50 video cards until early 2025, although the announcement may still take place this year. 

At the same time, the Tweakers resource recently reported that AMD and Intel allegedly postponed the release of their new video cards to early 2025. Perhaps Nvidia did the same on a residual basis. Moreover, neither AMD nor Intel, according to all available data, will offer top-end adapters in the new generation that could compete with Nvidia’s new generation flagships. 

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However, you need to understand that in this case Nvidia misses the Christmas season, which usually brings in quite a lot of money.

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