“Don’t be scared by its appearance,” a prototype of the Russian Amber car was shown live

by alex

The production version will look different

A photograph of the first prototype of the future Russian car Amber was published by the Telegram channel «Avtopotok». It is noted that the production car will have a different appearance.

This is a prototype of a new electric car from "Avtotor". Don't be scared by its appearance, the production electric car will be completely different, in the photo — only a prototype aggregate carrier («test mule») with «cut» bodies from Vesta.

The plant will use the prototype for the first tests of the platform and units that are being prepared for the production Amber. Technical specifications have not yet been disclosed. Earlier it became known that the machine of class L7 (heavy quadricycles/voiturettes) was developed by Mospolitek (MAMI + MGIU). It received a frame-panel structure and a supporting structure made of pipes, while the external elements were molded from composites.

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Currently, a pre-production prototype is ready; 5 samples will be assembled in the next calendar year. The start of serial production is planned for 2025.

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