Sony has banned the resale and transfer of PlayStation games? Let's figure out what's going on

by alex

A similar rule has existed since PS1

Last weekend, messages appeared on thematic forums and on social networks that Sony prohibits PlayStation game console users from reselling disc and digital games without the direct permission of Sony itself or its publisher. A serious scandal is breaking out on social networks, many believe that this is a recent restriction on the part of Sony. 

«Stumbling point» was found in the «Software Terms & Conditions» on the official PlayStation website. In the Russian version it sounds like this:

07. Resale 7.1 You do not have the right to resell disc games and digital games without our express permission, and if the Game is published by another company, then without the express permission of the publisher.

The discovery infuriated many gamers, since disc-based games — often the only way gamers can share games among themselves or sell them when they no longer need the game.

It is extremely important to clarify that this is not a new restriction at all. Sony's terms of service have always mentioned this prohibition on resale. In fact, even for the original PS1 in 1994, there was a similar ban on the resale of games on disc. 

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However, in practice this does not result in persecution, blocking or any checks from the Sony and PlayStation team. A similar panic was already rising. In 2013, for example, Shuhei Yoshida, who was then the president of SIE Worldwide Studios, stated on his official Twitter account:

If you are concerned about our new terms of service in Europe, we confirm that you can sell or share your PS4 products on disc, including in the EU.

In fact, the head of Sony Worldwide Studios then gave permission for the resale of games. Since then, the rules in this paragraph have not changed and the resolution can be transferred to PS5. Fans can still share or sell their games, and Sony has not introduced new checks to prohibit this or make games unusable if they are resold.  

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