“Dodo Pizza” filed a lawsuit against Telegram and demands that users be prohibited from acquiring nicknames similar to well-known brands

by alex

The company asks for a Telegram channel called Dodo Pizza

Company «Dodo Franchising» (pizzeria chain «Dodo Pizza») filed a claim against Telegram with the arbitration court of the Komi Republic.

The plaintiff asks to recognize the defendant’s actions as acts of unfair competition and to transfer to her one of the Telegram channels called Dodo Pizza.

In addition, «Dodo Franchising» requests to make changes to the terms of use of Telegram, «in accordance with which it will be prohibited to purchase nicknames that are identical or confusingly similar to the trademarks of the copyright holders».

Telegram channel called Dodo Pizza was purchased in 2022. He has only 32 followers and four posts.

Trial set for December 16, 2024.

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