“Dimensity 9300 is the most powerful smartphone SoC on the market today,” Morgan Stanley analysts predict growth for MediaTek

by alex

The company has already grown by 40% since the end of June

Dimensity 9300 is the most powerful smartphone SoC on the market today. This is the opinion of Morgan Stanley analysts cited by Bloomberg.

And this is not just an opinion for the sake of an opinion. Analysts say MediaTek shares are up nearly 40% since the end of June and the company will continue to gain momentum.

The bottom line is that the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 is reportedly more expensive than the Gen 2 at launch, with the latter already costing $160. The price of Dimensity 9300 is unknown, but it is supposedly significantly lower, which is why more manufacturers will choose it for their flagships.

We already have the Vivo X100 and X100 Pro, which are both built on the new MediaTek SoC, and there is no word yet on any Snapdragon version of the X100 Pro+. True, we also saw at what price the Dimensity 9300 comes with its superiority.

A combination of Samsung Galaxy and MediaTek. MediaTek offered the Korean giant discounts on its platforms

Analysts expect MediaTek's market share, which was 20% in 2023, to reach 30-35% in 2024, and MediaTek's total shipments during this time will reach 20 million SoCs, which will be a new record.

In addition, thanks to its active growth, MediaTek already has a capitalization of about $47 billion. Yes, this is still three times lower than Qualcomm, but MediaTek is already the second largest chip company in Taiwan, after TSMC.

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