AvtoVAZ has stopped producing Lada Granta Cross – temporarily for now

by alex

Now on the assembly line there are only Granta sedans and liftbacks

AvtoVAZ still has a large shortage of components, and it is for this reason that the plant has stopped assembling one of the versions of the Lada Granta from today.

АвтоВАЗ прекратил выпускать Lada Granta Cross — пока временно

«AvtoVAZ, due to a shortage of components, has temporarily suspended the production of Granta Cross (station wagon) cars for an indefinite period since December 8th. With the arrival of the necessary components, the assembly will be resumed, while the time frame is unknown», — reported the insider public Avtograd News.

Recall that in early November AvtoVAZ completely stopped production of the regular Lada Granta station wagon — the company explained this by the lack of demand and added that the Granta Cross station wagon will be «always available».

The unique Lada Niva Travel Turbo has been put up for sale in Russia. Under the hood is a “herd” of 120 hp.

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