AvtoVAZ has released new models Lada Niva Legend and Travel

by alex

ABS and eco-standard “Euro-5”, in top versions – cruise control with a speed limiter function and much more

Russian automobile giant AvtoVAZ announced the release of new models of branded SUVs. As the press service reported, Lada Niva Legend and Lada Niva Travel became available in the 2024 model year version.

The recommended retail price for the Lada Niva Legend of the 2024 model year will be from 927,500 rubles, for the Lada Niva Travel – from 1,215,500 rubles.

The press service explained:

The legendary SUVs once again received an anti-lock braking system and a toxicity reduction system that meets the Euro-5 eco-standard.

Engine calibrations and control units for Euro-5 standard were developed in Russia. Cars that comply with the Euro-5 standard have undergone a full cycle of tests at various temperatures, mountain tests, electromagnetic compatibility tests, etc.

The Russian economy has grown more than the world average: the PC market soared by 32.8% over the year, vehicles - by 25.5%

An anti-lock braking system also appeared on Niva SUVs after reengineering and a series of tests. ABS allows you to maintain control during emergency braking, preventing complete wheel locking and uncontrolled sliding.

ABS and Euro-5 eco-standard are available on all trim levels of the Lada Niva Travel and Lada Niva Legend SUVs. Also available on the top versions of the Lada Niva Travel are cruise control with a speed limiter function, an on-board computer, constant backlighting of the instrument cluster and two-tone alloy wheels.

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