Apple would rather disable the function in its smartwatches than license someone else's technology? The company does not want to negotiate with Masimo

by alex

Masimo is ready for negotiations

Apple is not going to negotiate with Masimo to amicably resolve the issue of patent infringement. 

Apple лучше отключит функцию в своих умных часах, чем будет лицензировать чужую технологию? Компания не хочет вести переговоры с Masimo

Recall that at the end of last year, the court ruled that the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 smartwatches violated Masimo’s patents, and sales of these models in the United States were prohibited. True, Apple managed to temporarily restore the ability to sell watches, and then the company disabled the functions that the patents concern. 

The company could negotiate with Masimo, and the latter's CEO has publicly stated that he is willing to negotiate. Of course, they imply licensing of Masimo patents by Apple. However, Tim Cook said that the company would not do this. 

The head of Apple said that his company is more focused on the appeal. Additionally, Cook said consumers will find reasons other than the pulse oximeter feature to buy an Apple Watch. This clearly indicates that if Apple fails to win the case after filing an appeal, it will simply permanently disable the blood oxygen measurement function in its smartwatches. It will likely take time for Apple to bring it back without infringing Masimo's patents.  

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