Apple tests budget iPhone with Dynamic Island and single camera: it looks like iPhone XR with iPhone 15 colors

by alex

According to rumors, this year the company may introduce as many as five iPhone models 16

Insider Majin Bu claims that Apple is testing an iPhone model with Dynamic Island, the style of which will be similar to the iPhone XR, and the colors will be similar to the iPhone 15.

Previously, he believed that we were talking about the new iPhone SE, but unconfirmed information appeared on the Internet according to which this year Apple may introduce five iPhone 16 models at once, including two with one camera.

I recently came across a table that seems to illustrate that the iPhone 16 lineup will merge with the SE lineup. Apple is working on the iPhone 16 SE and 16 Plus SE, which will have Dynamic Island and only one camera, a 60 Hz screen and small batteries.

The much more attractive iPhone 16 with a 120 Hz screen, two cameras and an improved battery will be positioned in the central segment of the market. Finally, at the top of the range there will be professional models with all the high-end features.

The insider said that he is very skeptical about this information, which he plans to carefully check.

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Apple тестирует бюджетный iPhone с Dynamic Island и одной камерой: он похож на iPhone XR с цветами iPhone 15

Majin Bu at one time revealed exact data about the iPad mini and the colors of the iPhone 12.

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