“Tomorrow I could step off the wrong sidewalk,” Tim Cook prepares his successor

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But he has no plans to resign as head of Apple just yet.

Tim Cook said Apple has a detailed plan for who will replace him when he steps down as CEO, but he also said he has no intention of leaving just yet.

Cook admitted that he doesn't know how long he will stay at Apple: “I like it. I can't imagine my life without Apple's presence, so I'll be there for a while.”

«Завтра я могу сойти не с того тротуара», — Тим Кук готовит преемника

When asked if there is any kind of succession plan at Apple, Cook continued: “We are a company that believes in working on succession plans, so we have very detailed succession plans. Because something unpredictable can always happen. Tomorrow I might step off the wrong sidewalk. I hope that doesn't happen, I pray that doesn't happen.”

He was asked if he could name a successor, to which Tim Cook replied: “I can't say, but I would say that my job is to prepare a few people to be able to succeed, and I really want to this man came from Apple and became the next CEO. That’s my role: to prepare a few people so that the board of directors can choose.”

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