Apparently, there is a whole group of gaming journalists engaged in persecuting “intolerant” games

by alex

The group includes Kotaku editor-in-chief Alyssa Mercante, who not long ago summoned people dissatisfied with the summons to a battle, but underestimated the number of people who wanted to beat her, so now she is actively pretending that nothing happened

Former Blizzard employee Mark Kern has compiled a small list of gaming journalists who, in his opinion, are engaged in organized harassment of game developers who do not want to contact specialists promoting the agenda from companies like Sweet Baby Inc, and who oppose the agenda of bloggers .

  • Alyssa Mercante is editor-in-chief of Kotaku. Mercante has repeatedly and extremely aggressively spoken out against opponents of promoting “correct” ideas in games, wrote an article about the Sweet Baby Detected group on Steam and is writing material about its leader. The other day she offered to arrange a battle with anyone who criticizes the agenda, but did not take into account that there would be too many people who wanted to beat her up – now she avoids a fight in any way, including adding those who want to the blacklist on X (formerly Twitter)
  • Rebecca Valentine, IGN reporter. Valentine co-authored an article that accused the developers of Black Myth: Wukong of sexism and threatened that they would have a “hard time getting to the West
  • Jason Schreier, Bloomberg reporter. Schreier regularly accuses the gaming community of inventing problems that don't exist
  • TheGamer Portal. For a long time, the site's authors published articles in which they strongly criticized Stellar Blade and the appearance of the main character
Microsoft canceled the survival game that Blizzard was working on. It would be the studio's first unique project in many years

Kern also recalled that Sweet Baby head Kim Belair at one of the conferences she quite openly recommended threatening developers who do not want to use the services of specialists to promote the agenda.

“And don’t need them [consultants] ask: “Listen, we didn't offend anyone with this? We didn't offend anyone? Ask what they would like to see. What would make them happy. Or contact the team leader as early as possible. If you are a creative person working in AAA , which I've been doing for many, many years, tell your bosses about it. If they don't see the value in using consultants, go have coffee with your marketing team and scare them with the prospect of what might happen if they don't do it your way. want”.


Image credit: Game Science. Image source: Steam

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