An indie developer made a sequel in 2 weeks and after 3 years he became uncomfortable selling such a game, he decided to remove it from Steam

by alex

Roguelite 2 was once assembled in no time. Years passed and the creator reconsidered his attitude towards the project

Indie developer Joshua Keith has announced upcoming plans for Roguelite 2. It's a sequel that he made pretty quickly.

A few years ago, Roguelite 2 was something of a two-week side project based on the first Roguelite. He originally intended to make the sequel bigger, with more features, content, updates, etc., but the ideas never came to fruition and he currently has no plans for a sequel.

Due to this and a number of other problems with Roguelite 2, he decided to remove the game from sale on Steam and other platforms. Launched a farewell sale.

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