“A mass similar to Doshirak”, disposable clips, carpets with glass wool and a floor that crumples with your hands. “Club Service” disassembled a “Chinese Cadillac” called GAC GS8

by alex

At one time, GAC was surprised by the low cost of the new GAC GS8

“Club Service” disassembled the GAC GS8, the flagship SUV of the Russian line, similar to Cadillac cars. At one time, the company surprised with the cost of this car: it turned out to be quite inexpensive for its size and equipment. After watching the video, it becomes clear that the low price is not an attraction for GAC's generosity.

There are a lot of “features” here. For example, the floor of the car is covered with solid insulation, reminiscent of… instant noodles. It looks strange, it is applied fragmentarily, whether it works is unknown.

«Масса, похожая на "Доширак"», одноразовые клипсы, ковры со стекловатой и мнущийся руками пол. «Клубный сервис» разобрал «китайский Cadillac» под названием GAC GS8

There are big questions about the rigidity of the body (and the length of the second generation GAC GS8 is almost 5 meters), and the sealant at the factory, apparently, was applied manually.

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Another interesting thing: if you remove the rear bumper or lights from the car, it will not start. That is, in a relatively minor accident with a rear impact, the GAC GS8 risks turning into real estate.

And also in the GAC GS8 there is a floor that wrinkles with your hands, disposable clips and carpets with glass wool. There are, of course, peculiarities in the suspension… “ An absolutely disposable Chinese car, created for use for three years ,” Ilya Sviridov concludes at the end of the video.

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