In 9 months of 2023, Samsung sold more than 25 million Galaxy S23 smartphones, almost half of them were Galaxy S23 Ultra

by alex

Samsung Galaxy S23 smartphones are selling like hot cakes

Hana Securities shared sales statistics for Samsung smartphones this year. It turned out that during the period from January to September, Samsung sold 25.06 million smartphones of the flagship Galaxy S23 line – 23% more than the Galaxy S22 was sold during the same period.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra leads the sales structure: 11.63 million devices were sold in 9 months. In second place is the base Galaxy S23 with a result of 8.91 million, and the Galaxy S23 Plus is in the least demand – 4.52 million units were sold.

But Samsung’s line of folding flagships of the new generation is not much more popular than its predecessors: 4.86 million devices of the Galaxy Z5 line were sold in 3 months – only 4% more than in 2022, devices of the Galaxy Z4 series were sold during the same period. The most popular is the Galaxy Z Flip5, with 3.08 million units sold. Sales of Galaxy Z Fold5 amounted to 1.79 million units.

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