You'll have to be patient. It became known when production of Lada Vesta SW and Lada Vesta SW Cross will resume

by alex

This year they collected very few

If AvtoVAZ somehow copes with the production of Lada Vesta sedans, then the situation with station wagons is sad. They were produced for only a few months, and since December 11, production of the Lada Vesta SW and Lada Vesta SW Cross stopped again. When to expect the next restart?

According to Avtograd News public insiders, the Lada Vesta station wagon will be launched again only in February 2024. What exactly is the reason for the impossibility of producing such versions is not reported, but due to a large shortage of components, even the sedan is now leaving the assembly line in the most simplified configuration.

AvtoVAZ told when it is necessary to change the oil in the Lada Vesta variator and whether such a car can pull trailers

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