Will Stellar Blade be released on PC? The developers of the PS5 exclusive gave hope to the Chinese community and other players

by alex

Stellar Blade attracted the attention of many, some even began to think about buying a PlayStation 5 console. However, some would still like to see the game on PC on Steam

Stellar Blade is still positioned as an exclusive to the new generation console PlayStation 5. However, in recent years, Sony has been gradually releasing games on PC, so some expect to see the studio’s project Shift Up on Steam.

On a social network, one of the absentee fans of Stellar Blade addressed the developers:

“Hello, Stellar Blade is of interest to millions of people in China, but most people here aren't used to PS or Switch, PC is mainstream. I hope you could consider porting this game to PC as soon as possible. I'm sure it will sell over a million copies then.”

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The Stellar Blade developers did not respond directly, but they did “like” the post. This event is notable for the fact that recently they “liked” only fan drawings or publications about the game in the media – some now have hope that the game Shift Up will also be released on PC.

The release of Stellar Blade on PlayStation 5 is expected on April 26, but in the meantime, some players managed to gain access to the demo version and were pleased with what they saw.

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