[Video] Cynical review of Super Mario Bros. Wonder

by alex

We simply couldn't ignore one of Nintendo's biggest releases of this year, right up there with the latest The Legend of Zelda

[Video] Cynical review of Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Nintendo has been releasing the same game for several decades now, without jokes or exaggeration, which does not in any way affect its popularity in the gaming community. Moreover, projects like Super Mario Bros. Wonder is in high demand even among those players who are not fans of the big N.

The secret of the success of Nintendo games is quite simple: the company makes entertainment products, often devoid of logic, meaning, or realism, that are simply fun to play. All these talking flowers, mushrooms viciously stomping their feet, running through pipes with a whole herd of bulls demolishing everything in their path, and even references to Stephen King when creatures that look like a swarm of flying mouths appear on the screen.

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In our new video, we decided to analyze in detail the latest Nintendo phenomenon, talk about its many advantages and note its disadvantages.

“In short, Nintendo keeps throwing cringe at you for 20 hours, and you get over it.”

[Video] Cynical review of Super Mario Bros. Wonder

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