[Video] Canceling to… Skull and Bones

by alex

We always strongly recommend against pre-ordering games, no matter how much credibility the developers have. Ubisoft has exhausted its credibility a long time ago

We had a chance to play Skull and Bones, and the game turned out to be exactly what we expected it to be. Ubisoft has become so predictable in recent years that it’s already awkward to even criticize this company. long hours, forcing you to swim on your vessel, collecting various resources, catching wooden planks, fish carcasses and pieces of metal from the water (yes, Ubisoft metal does not sink). Only one button is responsible for collecting resources, which gives the impression that we are controlling not a ship, but a vacuum cleaner.

Some people also waited in vain for what in Skull and Bones can be landed on islands to explore them in search of resources and treasures. It is forbidden. Part ship, part crew – our captain literally grows into his ship, which is why even collecting resources on the islands turns into a series of monotonous mini-games, where again you only need to press one button.

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[Video] Canceling to... Skull and Bones

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