Valve solved the problem of Russian-speaking players in CS2, PS Portal was hacked – the most interesting for February 19

by alex

A short digest of everything that has happened to the entertainment industry around the world over the past day

  • Valve has solved the problem of Russian-speaking players in CS2 – a new mechanic for setting up controls prevents the occurrence of a bug with movement
  • Diablo 4 will have huge 4th season – according to rumors, Blizzard is preparing a global update
  • Survival with dragons has skyrocketed in popularity on Steam after the update – the authors of Day of Dragons attracted the attention of players
  • The RDR 2 player shaved Arthur's head, gave him 100 hair growth tonics – and launched a cutscene, causing an explosive growth of his beard and hair
  • In the coming days, 17 new games will appear on Xbox – and 6 on the PlayStation Store
  • Epic Games has made sudden changes to the distribution of free games this week – Fallout will not be given
  • PlayStation Portal was hacked and made into a full-fledged console capable of running GTA
  • “Just put the players first” – Larian Studios criticized layoffs and behavior of publishers
  • Palworld developers can't cope with cheaters – but that's it for now
  • Baldur's Gate 3 received the sixth patch and many bugs – the community has compiled a list of problems for Larian
Player highlights the best part of Palworld that "nobody talks about"

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