Uzbekistan has already become the second largest market for Chevrolet after the USA

by alex

The country is ahead of China and Brazil

In 2023, Uzbekistan significantly increased its share in global sales of Chevrolet cars, rising to second place after the United States in terms of sales of this brand.

The total number of Chevrolet cars sold in Uzbekistan in 2023 amounted to 369,980 units, which is 30% higher than the previous year, when 282,721 cars were sold.

Sales analysis revealed that Uzbekistan was ahead of major markets such as China (168,830 vehicles) and Brazil (327,781 vehicles) in 2023. The first place is occupied by the USA, where 1,716,268 cars were sold.

This success is due to the growing demand for cars in Uzbekistan, as well as increased production in the budget segment at the UzAuto Motors plant.

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