UAZ “Patriot”, “Pickup” and “Hunter” have fallen in price in Russia: the basic “Patriot” now costs less than 1.5 million rubles

by alex

Discounts of 100 thousand rubles apply to “Patriot” and “Pickup”, released in 2023

According to, UAZ «Patriot», «Pickup» have fallen in price in Russia. and «Hunter»: the discount was introduced on March 1st for cars produced in 2023. However, it must be taken into account that since February of this year, UAZ began producing modernized «Pickup» and «Patriot» with a new front axle and improved suspension, but discounts do not apply to such cars.   

Buyers of «Pickup» and «Patriot» can count on a discount of 100 thousand rubles — the cost of basic versions of SUVs, taking into account the discount, is 1.505 and 1.48 million rubles, respectively. As for the «Hunter», last year’s model is being sold at a discount of 300 thousand rubles — for 1.14 million instead of 1.44 million.

Those wishing to buy a manual BMW should do so now. Soon there won't be any cars like this left.

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