This is the BMW X3 2025 with different nostrils. The new product was shown in high-quality images

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They were created from photographs of a test prototype

The German automaker has been criticized for the design of its cars in recent years, and according to spy photos of the 2025 BMW X3 that surfaced this fall, the manufacturer has changed some elements.

The following images were created by Sugar Design based on photos of the prototype. There are fewer lines visible on the body of the new model, and the handles are located flush with the body.

Это BMW X3 2025 с другими «ноздрями». Новинку показали на качественных изображениях

The front grille may be perceived differently by fans. The nostrils will become larger, and they will abandon the traditional vertical slats in favor of glossy black plastic. The fenders and headlights have changed, which are similar in shape to the headlights of the X1 and the new 5 Series.

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A test prototype has revealed that the new X3 will feature LED taillights that are radically different from the current model's taillights, and Sugar Design has shown what they could look like.

Powered by petrol and diesel engines (for markets outside North America), as well as hybrid powertrains, the model is rumored to continue using an updated version of the current CLAR architecture. The all-electric iX3 is expected to ride on BMW's Neue Klasse platform.

Это BMW X3 2025 с другими «ноздрями». Новинку показали на качественных изображениях

The next-generation X3 is expected to be unveiled in mid-2024.

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