Thermalright TL-M12 – case fans with very unusual lighting. Only the frame has backlighting

by alex

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Thermalright has introduced TL-M12 case fans, which look very unusual. 

As you can see, the highlight here is in the lighting, and not the fans themselves, but the frame. The backlight is implemented in such a way as to create the illusion of some kind of tunnel. At the same time, there is also a contour illumination of the frame, but there is no illumination of the fan itself. 

Thermalright TL-M12 — корпусные вентиляторы с очень необычной подсветкой. Подсветка тут есть только у рамки

TL-M12 is available in black and white. This is a 120mm fan with a rotation speed of up to 1500 rpm. This creates a noise of no higher than 23.2 dBA and an air flow of up to 81 m3/h. There is no price information yet.  

A processor cooler from the past. Thermalright AXP90-53 is made of copper

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