There's a love story hidden in The Witcher 3's expansion pack. It turns out that we had to take a closer look at the character’s gaze

by alex

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is full of secrets. The CD Projekt RED game is still capable of surprising us with its attention to detail.

CD Projekt RED recently introduced a new initiative. This is the AnsweRED podcast, the first episode has been released.

A fan theory about one of the characters has been confirmed: Damien de la Tour, captain of the princely guard, is really (secretly) in love with Anne-Henrietta, Princess of Toussaint. They are from different classes and one cannot count on reciprocity.

Story director Tomasz Marchewka said:

“I don’t think [Damien’s crush] is mentioned anywhere in the game, but [we had in mind when working on the characters] that he is secretly in love with [the princess]. And since he is not an aristocrat, it is impossible for him to even imagine that they could have anything.

….there is one moment when she declares that she is in mortal danger, etc., and he just looks at her. And if you know what to look for, then in this look you will see how deeply he feels. It's very subtle, I don't know how transparent it is, but we always had in mind that he was essentially willing to give his life for her if necessary.”

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